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Sara Macdonald

Title/Position: Project Coordinator
The City Institute at York University (CITY)
Master’s in Environmental Studies and Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, York University

MCRI Involvement: Project Coordinator, Steering Committee member and B4: Boundaries.

Background: Sara Macdonald is the Coordinator of the City Institute and the Project Coordinator, MCRI “Global Suburbanisms” research project. Sara has her Master’s in Environmental Studies from York University and her research interests include urban and regional planning, suburban growth and development and greenbelts. She has been with the City Institute since 2006.

Research Interests: urban and regional planning, suburban growth and development and greenbelt.

Publications & Presentations:

Macdonald, Sara. (June 16, 2015) “‘Greenfrastructure’: The Ontario Greenbelt as urban boundary.” The Global Suburban Infrastructure Workshop, University of Waterloo, June 14-16, 2015

Keil, Roger and Macdonald, Sara (April 25, 2015). “Boundaries to suburbanization, thresholds of possibility? The emerging suburban political ecology of the Emscher Park, GruenGuertel Frankfurt and the Ontario Greenbelt.” American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting. Chicago, Illinois.

Macdonald, Sara. (February 13, 2015). “Looking back, planning forward: The 10th anniversary of the Ontario Greenbelt.” Guest lecture of ENVS 2200. 6.0 Foundations of urban and regional environments: Analysis, Planning and Design. Professor Roger Keil (course instructor). York University. Toronto ON.

Macdonald, Sara and Keil, Roger (2012). The Ontario Greenbelt: Shifting the Scales of the Sustainability Fix? The Professional Geographer. 64(2). 1-21.

Macdonald, Sara and Keil, Roger. (April 10, 2013). “Rethinking Urban Political Ecology from the Outside In: Greenbelts and Boundaries in the Post-Suburban City”. American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting. Los Angeles, California.

Macdonald, Sara and Keil, Roger. (April 4, 2013). “Boundaries, metabolisms, landscape: Post-suburban political ecologies in Toronto” SUBURBSTALKS series. Room 280A York Lanes, York University.

Keil, Roger and Macdonald, Sara. (December 14, 2012). “An Urban Perspective on the Greenbelt” Presentation to the Ontario Greenbelt Council. 777 Bay Street, Toronto, Canada.