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Alison Todes

Title/Position:  Professor, Director of Urban and Regional Planning
Department/Faculty/Institution: School of Architecture and Planning, University of Witwatersrand
Degree(s)/School(s): PhD (Planning), University of Natal

MCRI Projects: B5: Regional Governance and Suburbanization; B8: Everyday Suburbanisms. C1: Africa.

Background: Alison Todes has researched widely on urban and regional development and planning. She a past Research Director for the Human Sciences Research Council and  in the Urban Renewal Development Unit of the Surveys, Analyses, Modelling and Mapping Programme, and was a professor and Programme Director for Planning in the School of Architecture, Planning and Housing at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban. She is a member of the editorial board of the journal Development Southern Africa.

Research Interests: South African urbanization dynamics; Urban and regional restructuring and the effects of planning interventions; Integrated development planning.

Select Publications:

Todes, Alison. (In press). Urban Growth and Strategic Spatial Planning in Johannesburg, South Africa. Cities.

Todes, Alison, Pieter Kok, Marie Wentzel, Johan Van Zyl & Catherine Cross. (2010). Contemporary South African Urbanization Dynamics. Urban Forum, 21(3), 331-348.

Todes, Alison, Pearl Sithole & Amanda Williamson. (2010). Including Women: (Dis)junctures between voice, policy and implementation in Integrated Development Planning. Urban Forum, 21(1), 69-84.

Todes, Alison, Vicky Sim and Cathy Sutherland. (2009). The Relationship between Planning and Environmental Management in South Africa: The Case of KwaZulu-Natal. Planning Practice and Research, 24(4), 411-433.

Harrison, Philip, Alison Todes and Vanessa Watson. (2008). Planning and Transformation: Learning from the post-Apartheid experience. Routledge: Abingdon, Oxford.

Todes, Alison, Pearl Sithole, & Amanda Williamson. (2007).

Todes, Alison. (2006). Urban Spatial Policy. In