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Global Suburbanisms in the Media


(May 12, 2014) Skyscrapers in the Subdivisions (Roger Keil and Seasn Hertel)



(June 15, 2013). How Brampton demonstrates the new vision of Canada. (Roger Keil)

(May 10, 2013). On Transit, Toronto Politicians Are Gridlocked. (MCRI)



(Dec.21, 2012). Global Suburbanisms makes Next City’s 2012 Disruption Index. (Roger Keil; MCRI)

(Sept. 25, 2012) Suburban: There is less agreement about what the suburbs are, or whether, in the modern age of urban regions, the term still has any meaning. (Roger Keil; MCRI)

(July 24, 2012). Suburbs 4.0- Cities and suburbs now have a lot in common. (Markus Moos; MCRI)

(June 4, 2012). An Atlas of Suburbanisms. The Atlantic Cities. (Markus Moos; MCRI)

(January 8, 2012). York says world’s population growth will be in the ‘burbs. (Roger Keil; MCRI)

(January 6, 2012). CBC Metro Morning interview: “Suburbs are Cities”. (Roger Keil)

(January 5, 2012). How the 905 Stole Our Urbanist Mojo. (Roger Keil; MCRI)


(November 25, 2011). Future Not A Flat Worldwide Web. (National Film Board)

(November 18, 2011). City Institute Launches Global Suburbanisms Website. (MCRI)

(October 6, 2011). Vaughan, York Region, Take Action on Your Community, Experts Say. (Roger Keil)

(August 30, 2011). CBC Metro Morning interview. (Ute Lehrer, Roger Keil)

(August 30, 2011). York University MES students explore shrinking cities in Germany. (Ute Lehrer; Douglas Young; Will Poppe; Roger Keil; Sigrun Kabisch; Dieter Rink)

(June 14, 2011). Digital Citizenship. (Deborah Cowen)

(April 28, 2011). Press release about Roger Keil’s talk, “A World of Suburbs: Finding the Heart of the Urban Century in the Periphery” for an upcoming “York Circle” event. (Roger Keil)

(April 26, 2011). Forskning pa forstaden (Researching Suburbia), by Per Gunnar Røe in student paper Samfunnsgeografen. (Per Gunnar Røe)

(March 18, 2011). ‘Jižák’ featured in novel high-rise web documentary. (Roger Keil)

(January 25, 2011). Filmmaker draws inspiration from work of Global Suburbanisms team. (National Film Board; MCRI)

(January 20, 2011). Slums in the sky. (National Film Board; MCRI)

(January 10, 2011). FES profs comment on redevelopment of Lawrence Heights. (Roger Keil, Ute Lehrer)

(January 6, 2011).  NFB doc glimpses into immigrants’ high-rise world. (National Film Board; Roger Keil)

(December 1, 2010). Thinking like a Region: Place-based Policy, by Rob Shields in Curb Magazine. (Rob Shields).

(October 1, 2010). Globale Suburbanisierung: Die Herausforderung der Verstädterung im 21. Jahrhundert, by Roger Keil in Austrian magazine Dérive. (Roger Keil)

(September 2, 2010). York researchers receive $10 million in SSHRC funding. (Roger Keil)

(May 25, 2010). Radio Interview on Take 5 about the MCRI “Global Suburbanisms” project. (Roger Keil)

(May 18, 2010). Researcher shifts the lens to suburbs around the globe. (Roger Keil)

(May 3, 2010). President’s Message: “Recent major awards highlight York’s research prowess” in York U Magazine. (MCRI)